Does your beautiful bike get left in the yard or garden shed? Is your pride and joy left leaning against a dirty wall in the garage? Or does your newest N+1 clutter up the space in your hallway?

PRO BIKE TOOL can solve your bicycle storage problems, whether you live in the most compact of flats, most spacious of family homes, or run your own bike shop!

We now stock four different Bike Storage Solutions, each one great for different environments and situations.

Check out our guide to find out which one is for you!


The Wall Hanger is the ultimate space saver, clearing space on the floor while preventing the bike from intruding into the room in which it hangs. If you’ve got limited space – maybe you live in a small apartment or have to squeeze your bike next to a car in the garage – this is a great solution.

The Wall Mount’s horizontal storage system makes it a perfect option for a small garage. Keeping the bike flat along the wall means you’re left with plenty of room for your car, garden equipment, and of course – all your bike accessories.

If you keep the bike inside, the Wall Mount offers a safe and stylish way to show off your pride and joy while saving floorspace for other bits of furniture.


Lucky enough to have lots of bikes? You’re going to need a Wall Rack.

Keep all your bikes stored in one confined space with the 3 or 6 Bike Wall Rack! Hanging your collection in a top-and-tail formation so that the handlebars do not clash means you can get as many as six bikes into a space just 66” inches (167cm) wide! And if you’re going for a 3 Bike Rack, you only need 33” inches (83.9cm) of vertical width – less than your average closet!

The heavy-duty rack with oversized hooks will fit bikes of all shapes and sizes, from your kids’ beginner-bikes to mum and dad’s MTBs, and are a superb space-saving solution for the garage, basement, or store room. You’ll prevent the risk of chipped paintwork that arises when leaning bikes against each other, and save a tonne of floorspace…. giving you room for even more bikes!


Portable, foldable and safe when used indoors or out, the Bicycle Floor Stand is great for all around the home, and keeps your bike extra-secure and stable thanks to the unique wheel clamping mechanism and spring-loaded arm.

The Floor Stand folds down in seconds and is light enough to easily be moved without sacrificing strength and durability. As such, it’s a great option if you’re frequently re-arranging your garage, shed or store room, or if you regularly transport your bike to races, events or holidays.

The robust and sturdy Bike Floor Stand is weatherproof and has high-grip feet, so it’s ideal for parking your bike in your yard before you go out for a ride – no matter what the conditions or temperature!

And if you rent a property and aren’t able to install a Wall Rack or Wall Hanger but are tired of leaning your bike against any spare surface you can find, this is a life-saver!

This guy really does tick all the boxes!


The Swivel Wall Hanger is a great option for storing your bike where space is limited, for example a garage full of cars or a hallway. The hanger allows a bike to be stored in either a center, left or right-angled position, meaning the bike doesn’t protrude into the room.

The Hanger fits most bike types, including road, MTB, cyclocross, touring, hybrid, and BMX bikes, except for those with deep-section wheels. Capable of hanging a bike up to 30 kg / 66.2 lbs weight, it’s solid a sturdy.


Keeping your bicycles outdoors or transporting them on the back of a RV? Keep them clean, dry and safe from the elements with our weatherproof Bike Cover.

For those of us that choose to keep our bikes outside, or simply don’t have the space inside, the PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Cover is an excellent way to keep rust, dirt and rain at bay. With three different sizes to fit different sizes of bike and numbers of bikes, it provides an option for everyone.

The Bike Cover pairs up nicely with our Bike Floor Stand – keep your beloved bikes upright as well as warm and snug. They’ll love you for it!