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Ama Gizmo
6 bike version is probably only going to hold 5

Great product, looks good. But whoever wrote the instructions for installation has clearly never installed one. Please update the installation instructions to tell people to put the hooks on before mounting it on the wall. I had to unscrew mine twice to get it right. I bought two of the 6 bike units, and the first one took 2 hours, second 15 minutes. You can probably get six bikes on it if some of them are kid's models. I could only get five adult bikes on mine, even when putting every other bike upside down. I have a Specialized Fuse mountain bike, and I should have mounted the rails higher than the recommended 71 inches so that it could hang fully against the wall. It's hanging on the rack, but the rear tire is resting on the floor.Overall, excellent product, and now I can actually get to my bikes so I can ride them.


The installation is easy for an average DIY. Even if the studs placement doesn't align just right, you can attach a 2x4 to the studs, and then mount the rail to the 2x4. My pet peeve with this product - it's just not very functional. It looks neat on the pictures, but in reality it's a pain to fit in 6 bikes side-by-side. They get tangled together. I often end up taking off two other bikes, in order to get thy one I want. Bikes are heavy... My kids can't do this, My wife would rather have me to do it. So effectively, no one hangs their bikes on the rack, defying the purpose of having the rack.Also, if you follow the instructions and mount the rack 180 cm from the ground, the handle bars come just at the right hight to hit your face on, if you're not paying attention. Mounting it a foot higher solves the issue, but makes it even harder to hang the bikes....So if i had to do it agin, I would be looking for another solution.

Comes in two pieces

Comes in two pieces, enough hooks for 6 bikes (there is a 3 bike one as well). Goes up easily, and hooks are good enough to hold most wheels (deeper rims or fatter tires might not work as well). Adjustable to fit bikes better.

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