8-in-1 Multitool

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Perfect little tool for my eBike

I keep this in an Iberia rear rack bag. Very handy, very strong, very well built and I would buy this again.

cathy Tobias
Most compact biking multi tool I know of

I have had this multi tool for biking for quite a while now, and I have to say I like it a lot, it is super compact so it barely takes up any space in my Camelback, and that's the first reason why I got this one, and I have had other ones, and also it has mostly everything I need on it, and also having had it a while, I can say that it's build quality does seem good and it has been durable

Everything, Except What I Needed

After receiving the tool, I was pretty excited about the quality and feel of the 8 in 1 bike tool I ordered. Light weight, and felt solidly built. After my first ride with the tool, I had just installed a new set of hand grips. Well, apparently I hadn't tightened down the left side hand grip enough, and it was a little loose, and was slipping out of position. Then I remembered...I just bought a 8 in 1 tool, so I'll just pull over and tighten up the hand grip allen wrench bolt with my new tool. Sounds great right??!!! Well, new to bike riding as an older adult, I \''assumed\'' most of the sizes of the fasteners on the bike would be present on my new tool. It wasn't. The small hex head bolt that I needed to tighten, was in between the sizes that came with the tool, so basically, I was out of luck. I never figured I would need the tool, but wanted to have it \''just in case\''. TOTAL bummer, that when I needed it, it was useless. I had to ride the 6 1/2 mile ride home with the hand grip slipping. I'll pack the wrench that came with the hand grips (probably never need it again), but that's exactly what I was trying to avoid. Packing extra tools. I don't know the size of the wrench, so I can't refer it to any future prospective customers, but be aware, and you might already know if you have been riding a while, the 8 in 1 might not have the hex head size wrench you need. Particularly the hand grip small head size. I bought about sending it back, but I don't want to be \''that guy\''. It wasn't sold as having every size, just an 8 in 1. Though it may not have what you need to complete your ride without the ability to tighten, loosen, or adjust something on your bike, while out riding.

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