High Pressure Mini Pump with Gauge

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Andrew Horsfall
Orders Canceled

I ordered this pump, and had it canceled. I thought I messed something up, ordered again carefully, and had my order canceled. I email support to find out my mistake, and learned they have no inventory to fill orders. Why is it still selling in the site only to be canceled in the background? Since I can not believe the website, I asked support for information when will new stock come? Can I get on a wait list to be notified? No answer is available to either question. I think this is a great product, but the business is not running transparently.

Johnathon Castro
Impressive pump for the price.

I was initially attracted to the price. But at the same time, skeptical. I've been through pumps around double the price that have reduced in performance or failed after a handful of uses. My last pump was a dual chambered type mini from a reputable company and it failed after the first use. I like pumps that have a high flow. I want to be back on the road as quickly as I can. I finally had to use this pump and it didn't disappoint. I've used it on my SSCX with 38c tires in the middle of a race and my road bike with 25c. I got my road tire inflated to 90 psi fairly quick and was back on the road. And if/when this pump fails. I'll happily purchase another one without hesitation due to the price, coupled with performance. Dang good value overall and I highly recommend.

Daniel Kauffman
Moderately Incompetent? Perhaps, or False Advertisement?

Twice, I've ordered the hi-pressure mini pump with gauge. The pictures show it as a 120 PSI pump. The description says its a 100 PSI pump. Both times they have sent a 100 PSI pump. So, I am not sure if they actually make a 120 PSI pump or it is just eye candy to make you think you are getting a hi-pressure 120 PSI pump. I think I'm just going to return it and get the Lezyne Pocket Drive Pump. That one goes up to 160 PSI and I'm sure they won't send me the wrong pump twice.

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