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Alex Murdock
Better Ergonomics than Lezyne

I had the Lezyne mini floor pump until I lost it on a trail. Thought I would try this because it's a bit cheaper. The ergonomics while pumping is better – longer handle, slightly longer stroke. Pro bike tool only makes one model, not a high volume or high pressure like the other brand. But this works fine. Several people complain about the chuck rattling. Just put on a rubber band already. 100 strokes brings me up to 30psi on my gravel tires (700 x 50).

Arthur Street
Worked well until it came apart

Used my pump several times, and let others borrow it when needed. Couldn't mount it using the included mount, as my crank would hit it. No problem, it's light enough that I didn't mind carrying it in my jersey pocket (I'm a Clydesdale+, so half a pound is no issue). I was using it a few weeks ago, and mid-use, the pump came apart and I cut my knuckle. I got it put back together and finished using it, but it began overheating from the friction of the two pieces rubbing together. Haven't used it since then.

Tiny But Mighty Motorcycle Road Tool

The thing is tiny as it only weighs about 7 ounces and is 12” long. I tested it out by airing my front motorcycle tire (120/70-R19)
down from 36 to 32 psi. When screwing the chuck on I was surprised that it didn’t allow any air to escape. I didn’t actually count the strokes but I estimate it took about 30 to bring it back up to 36 psi. No air was lost when removing the chuck. It would take a while to go from flat to full pressure, but I think it will work great as a pressure maintenance tool and as a backup to my 12 volt compressor on road trips.

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