There’s a lot of bike tools and spare parts that you can take on your bike ride. However, you don’t want to take so much that it’s excessive! So, what are the essential items that you should take on every ride that you can actually fit in your pockets or saddle bag? Here’s our advice:


Punctures. You just never know when they might happen. And when they do, you need to be prepared! A Mini Pump is a failsafe way of getting a new tube up to pressure. We have a range of pumps that could suit you, check them out here! But remember, if you’ve got big tyres, you may want a long barrelled pump – our Mini Floor Pump will be perfect for this.


When that puncture happens, you’re going to need to either try to repair your damaged inner tube, or replace it altogether. You can buy special sticky patches that you can use to stick over a hole in an inner tube, but they’re not the most reliable method. Putting a fresh tube in your tyre is a much more reliable method for getting home


When you need to remove a flat inner tube and instal a new one, you have to pop the tyre out of the rim of the wheel. Sometimes, this can be really hard to do by hand and so these clever gadgets really help. You can also use these levers to help pop the tyre backon, but be careful not to catch – and potentially damage - your newly installed inner tube when you do!


If you’re looking to get a new inner tube pumped up fast, these are your friend. Mini Pumps are the other option here, however, if you’re out on a group ride and don’t want to keep people waiting whilst you pump away, a CO2 inflator will get your tube up to pressure in seconds. Of course, make sure you’ve got a gas canister or two as well. We have two different CO2 inflators – One has a handy storage cartridge for your gas canister, or a smaller option with a foam sleeve to prevent you from getting a frozen hand when you dispense the gas. CHECK THE


You never know what adjustments you may need to make to your bike whilst you’re out on a ride. You may have a random mechanical that needs fixing, or you may want to make a little adjustment to your bike fit, such as your saddle height. Our multitool 8-in-1 has all the bits you may need for emergency fettling when out on the road or trail, and is nice and slim so it won’t take up a lot of space in your jersey pocket.


If you split a tyre sidewall, then you'll need one of these to put inside the tyre where the split has occurred, and thus prevent more punctures. This is only an emergency solution though, so you’ll need to replace the tyre when you get home. A stiff piece of cardboard or cutting from an old tyre are excellent, but if you’re desperate, a bank note or gel wrapper also works! AND OF COURSE, ON EVERY RIDE... Don’t ever go out without your phone, some I.D., and a bank card. You never know when you may need to buy some emergency food or spare kit, to call home, or – hopefully not – to book an unplanned taxi or train home!