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Offices are re-opening and workplaces are refilling after a long two years of lockdowns.

With normality returning, now is the perfect time to make a change to your day-to-day. Now is the time to start commuting to work by bike!

Here are the five top reasons why you should start cycling to work this spring:


Forgot costly car maintenance and rising prices at the fuel pump. Riding to work by bike is your budget-friendly option for making it to work on time.

Fuel prices are higher than ever, and insurance, taxes and maintenance associated with running a motor aren’t going to stop rising any time soon.

A recent report by Compare The Market says that the average UK motorist now spends £1,860 a year on driving, including the cost of petrol, insurance, tax and breakdown cover – that’s a yearly increase of £300!

Once you’ve made your initial investment in a bike, helmet, locks and lights, you’ll be commuting for a fraction of what you may pay to drive to work every day.

Leave the car at home, leave more money in your bank balance.


Go one step further than recycling your plastics and watching your water wastage. Make your life greener and cleaner by bike.

2021 reports suggest that 28% of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere are from transportation vehicles. So do your bit to put the brakes on global warming with the carbon-neutral transport option on two wheels.

With sea levels rising and species dying out by the day, every pedal stroke counts!


Even a 20-minute ride to work can help you keep the waist size down and make your whole body happy.

Low intensity cardio activity is a well-known way to promote general health. A 2021 study showed that cycling to work is linked with a 45% lower risk of developing cancer, and a 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease compared to commuting by car or public transport.

And did you know one hour of bike riding can burn as much as 600 calories?

A short daily ride to work will keep your waistline trim and help you work toward the guideline 150 minutes of activity per week.


Sick of being stuck in city-centre traffic?

An urban commute is likely to be faster on two wheels.

Riding your bike through the rush hour is a sure-fire way to avoid the road repairs, stop-signs and breakdowns that so commonly lead to early morning stress, late starts, and missed meetings.

With cycling infrastructure improving worldwide and awareness of bicycle commuters on the rise, riding to work is faster and safer than ever.

Want to get to the office on time, every time? Become a bicycle commuter.


Riding to work will boost your mood before a day at the desk.

Riding a bike is a great way to clear your mind ahead of a busy day, and a perfect way to unwind when you’re out of the office. Exercising in the open air releases ‘happy hormone’ endorphins and reduces the release of cortisol, a chemical associated with stress.

It can’t get much better than that. Saddle up and see your mood go soaring.